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Qld Literary Awards to go ahead, organisers say

What Fatima Did…

A play is a form of literature written by a playwright, usually consisting of scripted dialogue between characters, intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading. - Wikipedia
That’s what I thought, Wikipedia. That’s what I thought too. But I was wandering the library the other day when I came upon a short play about a high school student who decides to don the hijab after years of being a typical rowdy teenager. I was intrigued so I decided to borrow it. It was excellent. From now on I’ll try to read more plays. They are a legitimate form form of literature, but us fiction readers, once we’ve read our Shakespeare, often completely forget about them.

I see a painting…

I see a painting on the wall. There is so much chaos. There’s a man lying on the ground with his arm on the ground out in front him. His eyes are open wide but they appear to be the eyes of death. In his other hand he holds a sword which has been broken halfway through the blade. Yes, he is dead, or at least very close to it. On the other side there is a man with his arms in the air. He appears to be crying out in anguish, or perhaps he is surrendering. Then there is what appears to be a ghost. It doesn’t have a body, just a head and a long neck that thins out into nothing. There’s also a man wallowing in pain. A horse is there amongst the chaos, unpleased. A bull, another man wallowing in pain, another dead man, sharp lines, sharp pain.

Creative Writing at Night

I’ve reached the delusional stage of my all-nighter. Do you know what that means? It’s time to get those creative juices flowing!

…Ech hem!…

First of all, and I must say this, you need to be aware that night is the best time for writing. If you want to be an author and you find it hard to start writing it’s because you’re trying at the wrong time of day. That said, if you can write during the day then by all means do so. Different times will work for different people.

Secondly, if you’re trying to write something mysterious or if it has elements of magical realism, night time is a great time to be awake even if you’re not a night owl like myself. Explore at night, whether it be in your back yard, the nearby park, or even just looking out the window. The stillness of night gives explorers the chance to see the essence of objects, and sometimes lack of light can help us see more clearly because we are not distracted by trivialities. If you are considerably scared of going out at night, do not be deterred. Go out with a friend if necessary.

Finally, stay up long enough or wake up early enough to watch sunrise. It not only combines the stillness of night with sight of day, but it’s a spectacular show of light and gives us a sense of renewal and new possibilites, that anything could happen today. That ought to give some motivation even to the most lazy of us.

Now, go on! It’s the perfect time. After all, the night has begun, or the day has just begun! Or the day has just ended, or the night has just ended. Or sometime in between those times.